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Let's start with a simple question.w

What is a problem? And how do you determine what makes a problem?w

If I am driving my car on my way to meet my wife and stuck in traffic, my problem could be the traffic; or my wife. It depends on how she reacts (and how I respond) when I'm late.w

The only meaning a problem has is the meaning you give it.w

There are people who see "the end of the world" in every problem and those who take difficulties as an opportunity to learn and grow.w

What kind of person are you?w

Have you ever met somebody who at the end of their life regrets not spending more time at the office?w

The option to keep things the way they are is never exciting. The abililty to change reality is up to you.w

Many people have something that they have always wanted to do; but they always find a reason not to do it. You will hear the same excuses ,"I don't have the money" ; "I don't have the time" ;"I am too old" ; "I am too young" ;"I am not good enough" These people develop such a strong belief  about what they can't do, that this doubt becomes the truth.w

There is both good news and bad news that comes with this fact.w

The good news is that it can be fixed and the power is in your hands. You can even do it without any intervention; you may reach the point when you say   "enough is enough."w

You will find the power in yourself to create change and step up.w

The bad news: most of the time you will not find the resources to step up; you need someone to help to understand that truth. This is your chance to step up

Come to the and meeting to find the way to unleash the power within.w


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Nissim Sade

The journey leader

I focus on the provide services to  Hebrew speakers in New York; the same time I work with English speakers.


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